Working Towards a Better World

As a company, Pomptonian is committed to helping our environment.  We work very closely with our clients and vendors to provide the products that best suit the type of service, meet budgetary parameters, and satisfy the concerns of parents and students as they relate to the environment.  Working in an educational facility, we know it is not only incumbent on our client but also on ourselves to model for students a respectful relationship with the environment.

By sourcing products from local businesses, we create a relationship between the community and the school district.  These partnerships support local business and strengthen our commitment to sustainable practices.

Pomptonian is also committed to sponsoring animals that need assistance.  Our goal is to support organizations that work with animals and either provide a forever home or release them back to the wild.  Education is key to public awareness and the protection of these species.  We are proud sponsors of the following centers:  Dolphin Research Center, Sea Turtle Recovery, Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, and Eleventh Hour Rescue.