The Farm Stand Pomptonian's entire business is focused on serving students the highest quality nutritious lunches at an affordable price. Our dedication to quality service is unparalleled.

Pomptonian Food Service is proud to have introduced The Farm Stand.  This enhanced healthy food option is available daily in school cafeterias across the state.  Students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of options for their fruit and vegetable choice. Pomptonian is committed to creating a healthy food environment.  We believe that giving students a variety of healthy options will encourage them to make nutritious choices.  It is for this reason that we have designed The Farm Stand.  Pomptonian is pleased to have won NJASBO’s prestigious Above and Beyond award for this successful program. The Farm Stand is proven to increase fruit and vegetable consumption by allowing students to choose for themselves from their favorite fruits and vegetables.  A selection of fresh vegetables with low-fat dip is available daily, as well as at least three fresh fruit choices.  Jersey Fresh products are offered when in season. This innovative, healthy food option is offered on serving lines each day.