Our Management Team

Developing a Winning Team
Pomptonian’s team emphasis is motivated by excellent service. Pomptonian uses its expert management skills and years of experience to continually train its staff. This creates an efficient team in the kitchen, optimizing the use of their time. Our training promotes safe food handling, as well as quality. These practices ensure an appetizing, healthy meal served in a friendly atmosphere.
Mark Vidovich President
Mark has introduced numerous innovations to build sales and has a history of implementing dramatic financial improvements for our clients. Mark is personally involved in all aspects of our clients’ programs, including preparing the proposal, designing the service concepts, and monitoring the district’s results. Mark has a proven track record of implementing successful programs and a demonstrated commitment to total customer satisfaction.
Candy Vidovich CEO
Candy has experience in all aspects of the company. She is currently focused on menu development and promoting nutrition. Candy often meets with Nutrition Advisory Committees to develop award-winning menus and innovative service concepts. She spearheaded The Farm Stand concept that dramatically increased the number of students choosing fresh fruits and vegetables with their meals.
Cathy Penna Vice President
Cathy diligently keeps our clients and their on-site management team informed and in compliance with the rules and regulations that govern school food service. Cathy insures that all of our valued clients’ needs are addressed appropriately, in a timely fashion. She also initiates innovative service concepts and appealing new products, ensuring an attractive food service program that exceeds our customers’ expectations.
Tina Cappello Director of Operations
Tina has been a part of Pomptonian’s growth for more than a decade. She has a degree from the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, NY. Tina’s culinary background in hotels, fine dining restaurants, and private and public school food service, coupled with strong leadership and management skills, provide the knowledge and experience to propel our nutrition programs forward. Her support and staff development of field and on-site teams is an integral part of Pomptonian’s growth.
Toni Bowman, MBA, RDN, SNS Director of Nutrition Services
Toni has launched a Farm-to-Tray initiative, showcasing local fruits and vegetables monthly. Toni also assists school districts navigate successful administrative reviews and attends Nutrition Advisory Committee meetings to better understand the individual needs of the community. She is focused on food allergy management, working directly with families, school nurses, and cafeteria staff to meet their individualized needs.
Mike Kordonsky Chief Financial Officer
Mike provides financial leadership and guidance to the Pomptonian team. He is responsible for financial planning and analysis, financial reporting, proper policies and procedures, and strategic planning. Mike evaluates financial performance by tracking trends comparing budget to forecast for each school district. With almost 25 years of financial leadership experience, Mike most recently served as the Chief Financial Officer of Relevent Sports, where he played a critical role in the growth of the International Champions Cup in the United States and Asia, and as a Senior Director of Finance of the National Basketball Association.
Dean Tomaras Director of Audit
Dean provides support to in-house and field personnel, aids in problem solving, and configures Point of Sale Systems with an eye towards streamlining techniques, speeding service to students. He offers training to company personnel, and implements internal controls for proper compliance.
Michael Bello Director of Purchasing/Systems Administrator
Michael reviews the purchases made on behalf of districts to ensure they are receiving the most competitive rates and leads our logistics division. He oversees all products, negotiating pricing with vendors, forecasting volume, and administering cost control measures. Michael also ensures our information systems and technology resources are updated and maintained with the latest innovations. He maintains our client information and company database, along with finding customizable solutions to client and employee needs as they arise.
Scott Triola Assistant Director of Operations
Scott’s Culinary and Information Technology background allow him to provide multi-layered support to both the Operations Team and on-site Food Service Directors. Scott’s interpersonal skills, coupled with his focus on the enhancement of operating procedures, POS systems, and innovative programs have helped propel Pomptonian’s success.

Operations Team

Brian Craig Operations Manager
Brian works closely with Food Service Directors to promote health and nutrition. He is focused on problem solving and insuring high-quality service to students and staff. He also assists in upgrading facilities, including equipment and layout.
Donna Devany Senior Operations Manager
Donna is an expert in kitchen design and layout, as well as satellite services for multi-unit districts. Donna has been a pioneer implementating new programs such as bulk satellite service, creative promotions, and allergy awareness strategies. Donna’s promotions keep the students and staff interested in the food service program and delighted to participate.
Steve Esposito Operations Manager
Steve has a hands on approach to guiding the cafeterias he oversees. With more than 15 years experience in school Food Service, Steve keeps his eyes and ears open for new trends and suggestions from customers and clients. Always with a positive attitude, Steve keeps his personnel motivated and inspired to do the best they can when feeding the students.
Jason Gavin Operations Manager
Jason has over 20 years of experience in the food service industry as an award-winning Culinary Manager and General Manager. He is actively involved in day-to-day operations, where he utilizes his passion for creating delicious and nutritious meals for students. Known for his very high standards in food and in service, he strives to keep improving the student dining experience. He actively seeks feedback, identifies trends, and introduces new cuisines.
Tracy Hart Operations Manager
Tracy is graduate of Rutger's University with a degree in Nutritional Science. She uses her passion for nutritious local food to promote fun healthy meals for students. She works closely with Managers to develop leadership skills and build strong relationships with administrators, parents, and students. Tracy is active in developing sustainable initiatives to enhance the school food service programs we manage.
Kenisha Hodge Operations Manager
Kenisha holds a Bachelor of Science degree in General Dietetics from Alabama A&M University. She is passionate about culinary and nutrition. Throughout her twenty years of leadership experience in the Food Service industry, Kenisha has been known for her operational excellence. Since joining Pomptonian over a decade ago, Kenisha has consistently worked to ensure that delicious and nutritious meals are provided for students and is an advocate for the Farm to School program.
Nick Iula Operations Manager
Nick likes to be involved in all aspects of the day-to-day operations. He excels at client services, making sure customers are satisfied on a daily basis. He also stands out with technology, keeping abreast of new POS functions and systems that might help the overall success of our cafeterias.
Douglas Katz Operations Manager
Douglas is all about the flavor. He introduced the sushi promotion and demonstration cooking concepts early in his tenure. He is also a food safety maven and believes customer service is the second most important component of our jobs, food safety being the first.
Erik Korman Operations Manager
Erik has over 30 years of culinary experience, 15 of them in school food service. Always with a smile and positive attitude, he actively works with the day-to-day operations, ensuring that students are receiving the highest quality food and service there is to offer.
Gina Maffucci Operations Manager
Gina ensures that the students are receiving the healthy meals they deserve and look forward to coming to lunch every day. She runs an efficient program while providing students with quality products and works with Principals to run promotions that are fun as well as educational.
Mark Milluzzo Operations Manager
Mark is a culinary and hospitality management graduate who understands that superior service and taste come first. He listens to students to understand the food trends that are most important to them and creates exciting action stations based on their feedback. By combining his keen attention to service details, cost controls, and innovative sales promotions, he is successful in achieving favorable financial outcomes.
Alex Rosenberg Operations Manager
Alex has over 20 years of experience in the Food Service and Hospitality industry. He is all about the "WOW" factor, and loves to challenge preconceptions of what school food service looks and tastes like. He loves being hands on, working with his team, and talking with students, parents, and faculty to ensure ultimate satisfaction amongst the communities we serve.