Animal Welfare

Pomptonian is calling on all suppliers to work towards meeting the following animal welfare standards for all sourced products. We are also asking the USDA and their food processors to work towards these standards for the supplies they provide for school food service USDA foods. We will monitor progress annually.

Pomptonian is calling on their suppliers to implement improved conditions for the treatment of broiler chickens. We will meet or exceed standards of the Better Chicken commitment by taking a strategic and sustainable phase-in approach to sourcing higher welfare chicken meat. To implement these standards incrementally, we are asking our suppliers to:

– Improve the environment for chickens, including litter, lighting, and enrichments.
– Transitioning to strains of chicken that measurably improve welfare issues associated with fast growth rates per Global Animal Partnership’s (GAP) standards.
– Reduce stocking density to 6lbs/sq foot
– *Work towards rendering chickens unconscious prior to shackling using a multi-step-controlled atmosphere processing system (CAS) that’s widely hailed as more humane.

Pomptonian is committed to sourcing crate-free pork. Currently we will work towards sourcing* reduced crate pork in 2023 with the goal of eliminating crates from the supply chain.

We will source* 100% cage-free eggs with a goal of reaching 70% by 2023 and 100% by 2024.


*Non-USDA Foods