Going Green

As a company, Pomptonian Food Service is committed to helping our environment.  We work very closely with our clients and vendors to provide the products that best suit the type of service, meet budgetary parameters, and satisfy the concerns of parents and students as they relate to the environment.  Working in an educational facility, we know it is not only incumbent on our client but also on ourselves to model for students a respectful relationship with the environment.  Pomptonian is more than willing to work together with our clients on a plan to achieve the goals of the district.


We specialize in collaborating with local businesses in each community.

We partner with:

  • Local farms
  • Local dairies
  • Local pizzerias
  • Local bakeries
  • School gardens

By sourcing products from local businesses, we create a relationship between the community and the school district.  These partnerships support local business and strengthen our commitment to sustainable practices.


We have a strong partnership with Zone 7, a New Jersey based Farm aggregator.  Zone 7 works with area farms to bring in local produce.  Our Farm-to-Tray program features a local fruit and vegetable each month.  We educate students on the farms where the produce comes from and the health benefits of featured items.  We also infuse local hydroponic lettuce, corn, and more throughout the year into our menus.


Each year, during National Nutrition Month, we run the Healthy School Lunch Challenge and award vertical gardens to the schools of the winners.  We use the harvest from the vertical gardens in our cafeteria and educate students on the vertical farming process.


We work with schools that have school gardens, incorporate their crop into menus, and display them on the serving lines.


Sustainable Jersey for schools is a voluntary certification program for PreK-12 schools in New Jersey.  The program recognizes schools that implement steps to be sustainable in their operations and proactive in preparing students for challenges in the future.

We actively work with districts to assist them in earning points for Sustainable Jersey.  Many of our districts participate and earn valuable points towards certification.


Our Green Team is constantly adding sustainable and recyclable products to our inventory.  They are always researching more environmentally friendly paper and cleaning products to integrate into our schools.  They have reduced the use of plastics and added more recyclable fiberboard items.  Our team attends webinars and conferences around the country to find products that promote a healthier school culture.

Pomptonian has been a successful partner in furthering the green initiatives in many of the schools we serve.  We coordinate with vendors and environmental agencies, and provide research and implementation assistance upon request.  Each step we take, whether big or small, has a lasting impact on the environment and we are proud to do our part in creating a better tomorrow.