What Comes with my Meal?

All meals are prepared in your district and served by our dedicated staff. Each complete meal includes protein, bread/grains, garden fresh vegetables, farm fresh fruit, and a hormone-free, low-fat milk selection.
What Comes with my Lunch?
What Comes with my Breakfast?

Appealing Variety

The cafeterias feature a wide variety of hot menu selections each day. This variety includes popular favorites available every day. The cafeteria also presents changing daily specials and an emphasis on presenting healthy entrées in an attractive and appealing style.

Farm Fresh Salads

A “Farm Stand” is available each day. The Farm Stand features a variety of fruit and fresh garden vegetables including, dark green and orange vegetables. Locally grown, Jersey Fresh produce is featured, in season. Salad meals includes all the items that are part of a balanced meal.

Deli Selections

Deli selections are offered each day on a variety of whole grain breads, rolls, and pitas. Students may select from a wide array of freshly sliced cold cuts, natural cheeses, and freshly made salads.

Naturally Delicious Milk

Each meal includes an 8 oz. low-fat, hormone-free milk selection. The flavored milk does not contain high fructose corn syrup.