Nutrition Awareness Programs

Pomptonian is a leader in promoting nutrition.  Studies show that students do better in school when they are not hungry.  Believing strongly that a balanced diet is essential to a child’s ability to learn, our goal is to make your cafeteria not only a place to eat but also a resource and educational center for healthful eating habits.  We encourage a close association with students, parents and educators to help ensure that students are knowledgeable about nutritious foods. The time to start educating students is at the elementary level, when we can help students develop good eating habits that they will maintain for a lifetime. Because Pomptonian strives to teach students the importance of eating a well-balanced diet, we have many programs designed to reinforce healthful eating habits. Pomptonian’s Nutrition Awareness campaign includes:

  • The Farm Stand
  • NFL Play 60
  • What Comes With My Lunch education
  • Monthly Nutrition News Posters
  • Participation in Nationally Recognized Nutrition campaigns
  • Pomptonian’s Nutrition Fair