Food Allergy Best Practices

The safety and well-being of the students we serve is our highest priority. As an allergy-aware kitchen, no product that includes peanut/tree nut in the manufacturer’s list of ingredients will be used to prepare food items in the kitchen.  It is important to note that pre-packaged peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may be available for sale, pre-packaged snacks may also contain peanut/tree nut. Students with food allergies, other than tree nuts and peanut, are encouraged to pre-order a meal.

Please, be advised, to create an appealing service, Pomptonian staff prepares and cooks a wide variety of meals in the kitchens.  To minimize the chance of cross-contact, pre-ordered meals are prepared for students with documented allergies using ingredients that do not contain their known allergen in the manufacturer’s label.  Please make sure there is a note, from a Doctor of Medicine, on file in the nurse’s office.

The staff that prepares the meals for students with special dietary needs receives ongoing training on food label reading, cross-contact procedures, and food allergies.  Food Service Directors and Operation Managers receive monthly allergy training from our Corporate Dietitian, Toni Bowman, MBA, RDN, SNS. Additionally, our Operation Managers and Corporate Dietitian are ServSafe Allergy Certified.

Each month a parent/guardian should fill out the monthly allergy menu order form and return it to the cafeteria by the due date indicated.  You may contact your Food Service Director with any questions.

For your convenience, you may place funds on your child’s lunch account or provide payment with the order form.  Pre-ordered allergy meals will be prepared and packaged separately and labeled accordingly. Please let your child know to tell the food service worker that they have a pre-ordered meal and your child will receive their meal with their name on it.

For more information on our best practices for managing food allergies, please read, “Why Pre-Order?” To contact our Corporate Dietitian, click here.

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