Dr. Jill’s Introduction

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to team up with Pomptonian and help them bring the  same level of exceptional quality and care to your home as they bring to the cafeteria.

Beginning in January, I’ll be writing articles that will feature important wellness tips, medical research, and lifestyle guidance that will help you and your family stay healthy, happy, and safe while we all do our best to navigate these challenging times. The topics will include mental health, screen time, nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, summer safety, work-life balance, and family travel advice. For January, the topic will be mental health and will focus on sadness, anxiety, and depression. It’s hard enough to be a kid or parent during “normal” times, so having to deal with a global pandemic as well makes the need for tools to combat mental health challenges even more vital.

Until then, check out the 5 tips that I teach all of my patients. These are the foundational pillars for enjoying a healthy, happy, and safe lifestyle.

Until next time!

-Dr. Jill