Pomptonian Food Service Receives NJASBO “Partner of the Year” Honorable Mention for Service to NJ School Districts

June 29, 2016
Contact: Laura Bishop

ROBBINSVILLE, NJ – Pomptonian Food Service recently received an honorable mention from the New Jersey Association of School Business Officials (NJASBO) for the organization’s 2016 Partner of the Year Award.  NJASBO presents this annual award to companies that have gone above and beyond in assisting school districts with whom they work.  Pomptonian received the honorable mention for providing more locally sourced, fresh food choices to students.

Pomptonian was nominated by Robert Colavita, Business Administrator for the Hopewell Valley Regional School District.

“Pomptonian has been an eager partner, working with the district’s administration, in developing an innovative and cutting-edge offering that was piloted in our schools this year,” said Colavita.  “Pomptonian is an excellent partner, going above and beyond expectations to achieve the district’s objectives.”

Colavita mentioned that as a result of a collaboration between David Freidrich, Principal of Hopewell Elementary School, and Pomptonian staff, the district enjoyed new menu selections that feature locally sourced products, offer a wide variety of fresh produce, and make Jersey Fresh produce available seasonally.  As a result, a large number of students are gravitating to the healthy choices, according to Colavita, who also noted that Friedrich and Pomptonian worked together to inform the community about the new choices and the importance of nutrition.

“Mr. Friedrich and Pomptonian hosted a ‘Take your parent to lunch’ to have parents sample the quality and nutritious offerings, which culminated in an award from Kiwi Magazine and Whole Foods Foundation.  The award included a grant that will allow the school to further promote healthier dining choices and offer no-cost samples of wholesome food to our students.”

Friedrich also said that in their first year of working with the district, Pomptonian improved the school’s budget by $200,000.

“Pomptonian could not have been more thrilled to have been recognized in front of our valued clients at this year’s conference,” said Mark Vidovich, President of Pomptonian. “We are so honored to have received this recognition from NJASBO; it means so much to us to have been nominated by our valued clients.”

Vidovich noted that it was two of Pomptonian’s newest clients that nominated the company for the award.  Both experienced growth in the number of students making healthy dining choices and benefitted financially, according to Vidovich.

Pomptonian also was nominated by a NJASBO member representing the Morris Hills Regional School District.  The company was chosen by the NJASBO Associate Business Member Executive Committee, led by President Christine Messina.

“We are proud to give Pomptonian an Honorable Mention recognition for its dedication to school districts in New Jersey.  Our students are our most precious resource,” said Messina.  “Pomptonian recognizes the hard work of all School Business Administrators.  Business partners like Pomptonian provide our school leadership with the support they deserve, in order to provide our students with the best educational environment possible.”

 Pomptonian Food Service, headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, is focused on serving students the highest quality nutritious lunches at affordable prices.  The company tailors its service to best meet the needs of customers, ensuring they have a positive experience. Pomptonian provides a promotional event each month to generate excitement for the food service program, and brings restaurant flair to the cafeteria, providing attractive offerings in a food-court atmosphere.  Pomptonian manages cafeterias and vended meal operations in more than 350 primary and secondary locations across New Jersey.  To stay fresh, brand new items are introduced frequently.



The New Jersey Association of School Business Officials (NJASBO) is a professional association that promotes the highest standards of ethics and efficiency, provides its membership with professional development and support, and collaborates with entities that affect public education.  The organization comprises individuals who administer or supervise a variety of operations within the school district. Examples include accounting, budgeting, data processing, environmental issues, food service management, maintenance, negotiations, payroll, purchasing and transportation. For more information, visit www.njasbo.com.


PHOTO CAPTION: The NJASBO Associate Business Members Executive Committee awarded Pomptonian Food Service an honorable mention for the association’s Partner of the Year Award.  Presenting the award are NJASBO representatives Christine Messina, Associate Business Member, far left; John F. Donahue, Executive Director, second from left; Louis Pepe, immediate Past President, third from left; and Charles Anthony Solimine, Associate Business Member, far right.  Accepting the award are Pomptonian representatives: Mark Vidovich, President, center; Cathy Penna, Vice President, third from right; and Howard Grinberg, Director of Operations, second from right.