New Food Service Looks to Spice Up Student Lunches

By Natalie Holderbaum

October 2, 2014 Posted in: School News

There are sodas stocked in vending machines, snack options which have multiplied, and sushi being served for lunch. All of this is due to the school’s switch to a new lunch provider- Pomptonian Food Service.

Keith McCaffrey, representative from Pomptonian Food Service, North’s new lunch provider, promises new and interesting meals over the course of the year. (Photo by: Natalie Holderbaum)

¨If I could describe the lunch in one word, I would say delicious,” said Kelley McCarten, a sophomore. ¨All of the food is really good, and there are so many options.¨ Pomptonian prides itself in promoting healthy choices for students who are purchasing school lunches ($3.00) or breakfasts ($2.50). Fresh foods are incorporated into the school lunch choices in numerous ways: from fruits and vegetables to diet drinks, even whole wheat pasta and cookies.

“I like that they are trying to stay primarily healthy. For example, they’re serving pizza that is whole wheat,” said student Thuy Blumenfeld, a sophomore.

There is a great variety in beverage, snack, and hot lunch options. The staff prepares two different hot lunch choices, giving North students more options for their main course. ¨My favorite part of lunch this year is that they have a choice of pasta every day.¨ McCarten said.

There is a new deli bar featuring Boar’s Head cold cuts which is available daily. “Having that option every day has been really huge… If you’re not in the mood for anything else, you can always have a sandwich that’s Boar’s Head. That’s top quality,” said Mr. Keith McCaffrey, the Pomptonian representative working at North.

Snack prices vary from 50¢ to about $3.00. The vending machines have been revamped and filled with diet sodas and other refreshments. There is more selection in meals including pizza, which is now served daily in both Cafe A and B. Also, in Cafe A is a big variety of grab-and-go meals, such as hamburgers and french fries. The ¨Student Feature Favorite¨ lunches cost $4.00. “You can try something new every day here,” McCaffrey said.

¨Demonstration Cooking Days¨ will be held throughout the school year, where a professional chef whips up out-of-the-box foods for students to buy. ¨We see students every day… so it’s our way of interacting with them and trying new things,¨ McCaffrey explained.

Recently, on September 11, the school held a Demonstration Cooking Day featuring sushi. There were California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, and vegetable rolls served. Other days to come once a month will include New York-style hot dogs, a burger building bar, and a make-your-own omelette station.

McCaffrey, who runs the cafeteria this year, has been in the food industry for 20 years and has had experience in the kitchen of other high schools as well. “I started as a dishwasher in a country club and I just saw the camaraderie of the kitchen staff- all the cooks and the chef and how they were revered by the waiters and the bartenders,” said McCaffrey, “and so, at thirteen, I decided that’s what I wanted to do.” He helps to prepare the food on a day-to-day basis, along with planning and executing the special demonstration days.