Freehold Learning Center Unveils ‘Tiger’s Den’

The Freehold Learning Center (FLC) cafeteria was named on Wednesday following a friendly school competition.

Pomptonian Food Service launched the ‘Name your Café’ contest by asking each classroom to submit a new cafeteria name. The winning name, ‘Tiger’s Den’ came from one of the school’s pre-kindergarten classes. Even though the students who came up with name are too young to currently enjoy the newly named the cafeteria, they were able to get a tour of the cafeteria and see the new ‘Tiger’s Den’ sign.

To properly announce the ‘Tiger’s Den’ the FLC student council gathered in the newly named cafeteria for a ribbon cutting celebration on Wednesday, March 13. Also on hand at the ribbon cutting celebration was FLC Principal Ronnie Dougherty and the school’s mascot; a stuffed animal tiger.

In addition to the new name, the cafeteria has begun serving an upgraded farm stand with different choices of fruits and vegetables. When students buy lunch they get to choose a farm stand item to go with their meal.

At Park Avenue Elementary School, the Pomptonian Food Service ‘Name Your Café’ contest yielded a similar result with naming the school’s cafeteria the ‘Eagle Eatery’.