Village Fresh “Closer to the way you find it on the Farm”

Flavorful Reinvented Entrées made Simple and Healthy

Pomptonian chefs make every effort to feed students the way they would feed their own children. We continuously strive for healthier meal options that are nutritious and tasty.
The Village Fresh concept was created for those seeking more scratch-prepared healthy eating options, made simple. No more worrying about sending your children to school with healthy lunchbox items; we have it covered! Our creative, Village Fresh chefs make nourishing foods right in the District’s own kitchens.
Are high-quality, freshly prepared meals important to you and your children? They should be! An apple a day, keeps the Doctor away! Well, so can healthy eating.
By providing wholesome ingredients you can trust, we can encourage your children to eat well and inspire them to make healthier choices.
Our homemade, chef prepared meals are closer to the way you would find them on the farm. We offer local produce as part of our Farm to Tray initiative.
These flavorful, healthy meals are reinvented with simple ingredients packed with nutrients, helping students eat well and feel better.

Benefits of healthy, Village Fresh meals, include:
Flavorful and fresh
Reinvented, kid-friendly meals
Entrées made with minimally processed ingredients
Simple, easy and convenient
Healthy, nutritious options