Pomptonian Food Service is committed to being a good steward to our environment. We work very closely with our schools and vendors to provide products that respect our global environment and meet budgetary parameters. Working in an educational facility, we know it is not only incumbent on the district but also on ourselves to model for students a respectful relationship with the environment.

Pomptonian works with the district to achieve their environmental goals and recycling objectives. We bring with us successful initiatives used in other schools. Pomptonian has been a successful partner in furthering the green initiatives of many of the schools we serve. We coordinate with vendors and environmental agencies, and provide research and implementation assistance.

Pomptonian schools utilize 100% recycled paper napkins, we have eliminated the use of most Styrofoam products, and we recycle cans, boxes, and plastic containers. We also aid our schools in analyzing the cost of making other changes designed to reduce our “footprint.”

Buying local – Pomptonian is featuring more and more locally sourced products. We feature local produce and other local foods in our cafeterias. When a school has its own gardens, Pomptonian designs menus that infuse these student-raised ingredients into the meals we serve.